Tasmanian Digger

The TASMANIAN DIGGER unit is a truck or trailer mounted, hydraulically operated boom type unit that is used to either DRILL holes for posts or signs using a hydraulically driven auger or to DRIVE various types of steel posts using a hydraulically operated post driver. Both devices are interchangeable with the other and are suspended from the end of the digger boom.

The digger boom can be raised, lowered, rotated and extended in and or out utilizing the truck engine mounted or PTO mounted pump system. The unit requires 17 GPM for the digger operation and approximately 12 GPM for the driver operation. The controls can be operated from the base of the digger turret assembly using manual valves and/or from a remote position using either wireless radio controls or from a tethered cable with a push button control station.

The TASMANIAN DIGGER is designed to be used by one person, if necessary and is as highly mobile as the vehicle on which it is mounted.

While most of our TASMANIAN DIGGERS are mounted on flat bed trucks, we also offer a utility body model. The same features are available for both types of mounts. We suggest that an outrigger be installed on all utility body mounts. We also offer a hydraulic tool circuit that can be used with our post puller or with other hydraulic tools such as tampers, impact wrenches, saws, etc.

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