Post Drivers & Post Pullers

Note the one man operation of driving a Telespar steel post with our remote control push button option allowing him to maintain the post in plumb condition while driving it. The control provides for up and down controls as well as on and off of the driver unit. Once the post has driven 12” or so into the earth, the operator can go back to the controls located at the rear curbside of the vehicle to finish driving the post to the desired depth. We are driving the post shown in the photo in over 12” of packed gravel.

The bottom photo depicts our POST PULLER in action retracting the Telespar post out of the ground. The puller features over 9,800 pounds of pulling force and has an 8” stroke. Posts up to 8” in diameter can be pulled effortlessly. The puller is powered by the same hydraulic system used for the auger and/or driver and is connected to that source by 20’ long hoses.

The controls for the puller are located at the top of the puller for the operators’ convenience. There are a pair of grippers that can be attached to the edge of U channel and “T” posts. For other types of posts, there is a chain that can be used, as shown in the photo.

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